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At-Eze (NL206A)

Heavy duty oven & grill cleaner removes heavy, baked-on grease.

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Dust Trax

Dust Trax (NL880A)

Oil-based dust mop treatment for efficient dust control and resistance to scuffing and scratching.

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Dyn-A-Max (NL148A)

Gel baseboard stripper that clings to vertical and hard-to reach surfaces.

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Lemon Shine

Lemon Shine (NL051A)

Fine grade lemon oil furniture polish cleans and protects all furniture surfaces.

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T.L.C. (NL509A)

Carpet & upholstery spotter for both oil & water soluble soils.

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Automotive Care


Deox (NL453)

Powerful aluminum & stainless steel cleaner with 1% hydroflouric acid.

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Suds N' Shine

Suds N' Shine (NL443)

Liquid car wash for hand, brush or pressure application. Leaves a beautiful wax like shine.

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Boat & Marine Care

Cleaners — Carpet / Upholstery Care


Combi-Clean (NL90361)

All-in-One carpet cleaner deodorizes, defoams, and protects and revitalizes.

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GO<sub>2</sub> Concentrate

GO2 Concentrate (GS005)

Green Seal Certified cleaner fortified with natural cleaning power and Hydrogen Peroxide.

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Powerhouse (NL513)

Super extraction cleaner that's super concentrated, biodegradable and low foaming.

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