Spa & Fitness Centers

Spa and Fitness Center Cleaning Chemicals Protect Your Customers and Reputation

Businesses that offer public access to hot tubs and other water-related facilities are at risk for reputation exposure when the presence of harmful and dangerous germs may cause a customers to become sick or worse. Nyco helps keep spas and fitness centers clean, healthy and safe with Splish Splash® brand cleaners and disinfectants. Splish Splash® promotes cleaner, healthier, germ-free environments for water-related areas of fitness centers.

For spas, salons and venues with hot tubs, whirlpools, jacuzzis and public shower availability – algae, mold, mildew and nonpublic health organisms can build up in the jets, pumps, pipes and walls of your equipment, causing a dangerous level of germ exposure for customers. Splish Splash® jet and pipe system cleaners keep pipes and pumps clean in all water conditions. Splish Splash® cleaners and disinfectants mitigate the risk of dangerous levels of germs forming in moist areas and help keep equipment operating at capacity.

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