Dust Trax (aerosol)

Dust Mop Treatment

Effective October 24, 2022, Dust Trax has been discontinued. Please contact us for a replacement product recommendation.



Form: Aerosol

Color: Clear

Scent: Oil

pH: N/A


Read the entire label and MSDS for proper use, handling and storage before using this product.

  1. Shake can before using.
  2. Hold can 6-8 inches from dust mop or dust cloth and spray a light mist directly on mop or cloth.
  3. Allow treatment to fully penetrate. Do not oversaturate.
  4. Dust as usual.
  5. Best results are obtained when mops and cloths are treated and stored in plastic bags overnight.
  6. Reapply to mops or cloths as needed.
  7. Shake lint/dust out of mop or cloth and clean in washing machine.
  8. Retreat after washing.

*Extremely Flammable as per CPSC Flame Extension Test as described in 16 CFR 1500.45