e.mix Non-Corrosive Bathroom & Bowl Cleaner/Descaler

For use with the e.mix Dilution Control System

Bathroom & Bowl Cleaner/Descaler for all bathroom surfaces. Easily cleans and removes calcium, magnesium, rust and other hard water deposits. Safe on metal fixtures, sinks, faucets, bowls, urinals, floors and grout. Closed loop packaging for use in the e.mix dilution control units.

Green Seal logo
This product meets Green Seal™ Standard GS-37 based on effective performance, concentrated volume, minimized/recycled packaging and protective limits on: VOCs and human & environmental toxicity. GreenSeal.org.


  • Safe, reliable closed loop dilution control system
  • Green Seal certified GS-37
  • Proprietary wall mount and portable dispensers available



Pack Size Reorder #
4 x 64 oz. F-style bottle EM008-644



Color: Clear Blue/Green

Scent: No Fragrance Added

pH: < 1.0 (Concentrate)


  1. Remove cap from concentrate.
  2. Insert bottle into dispenser until it clicks.
  3. Product is now ready to dispense.
  4. 64 oz. concentrate makes 66 quarts of cleaner.
  5. Use cold water through dispenser.

For proper safety and health, always dilute and use cleaning products according to directions.