e.mix Concentrated Non-Solvent Cleaner Degreaser

For the e.mix Dilution Control System

Effective October 7, 2022, e.mix Concentrated Non-Solvent Cleaner Degreaser has been discontinued. We recommend EM004-644 e.Logical Concentrated All Purpose Cleaner as a replacement product in the Nyco e.mix Dilution Control system.




Color: Clear Green

Scent: No Fragrance Added

pH: 10.5 – 12.5 (Concentrate)


  1. Remove cap from concentrate.
  2. Insert bottle into dispenser until it clicks.
  3. Product is now ready to dispense.
  4. 64 oz. concentrate makes 66 quarts of cleaner – low flow.
  5. 64 oz. concentrate makes 32.5 gallons of cleaner – high flow.
  6. Use cold water through dispenser.

For proper safety and health, always dilute and use cleaning products according to directions.