e.mix Odor Neutralizer

For the e.mix Dilution Control System

Eliminates odors in a single step. Deodorizes and freshens rooms and areas for hours. Water soluble solution. Use in spray bottles and mop buckets, add to other cleaners, and use in fogging equipment. Stops odors at their source including smoke and food odors. Closed loop packaging for use in the e.mix dilution control units.


  • Safe, reliable closed loop dilution control system
  • Proprietary wall mount and portable dispensers available



Pack Size Reorder #
4 x 64 oz. F-style bottle EM011-644



Color: Clear Pale Straw

Scent: Spring Fresh

pH: 7.0 – 8.0


  1. Remove cap from concentrate.
  2. Insert bottle into dispenser until it clicks.
  3. Product is now ready to dispense.
  4. 64 oz. concentrate makes 16.5 gallons of cleaner.
  5. Use cold water through dispenser.

For proper safety and health, always dilute and use cleaning products according to directions.