Color: Clear Light Amber

Odor: Mild Sweet Solvent

pH: 10.5 – 11.5 (Concentrate)


  1. Dilute product 1:5 (25oz. per gallon) with cold water.
  2. Liberally apply solution to floor.
  3. Allow solution to remain on floor for 4-5 minutes or more if a heavy build-up is present. Floor should remain wet at all times.
  4. Scrub floor with rotary scrubber or automatic scrubber using stripping pads or brushes.
  5. Pick up solution using wet dry vacuum or automatic scrubber.
  6. Rinse floor with clean water.
  7. Allow floor to dry completely.
  8. Dispose of this product and waste generated from this product in accordance with all applicable local, state and Federal regulations.
Read product label for directions and cautions before using this product. Use with adequate ventilation. It is recommended that proper personal protective equipment be worn including: eye glasses, gloves and chemically resistant, non-slip footwear.