ez2mix Floor Scrub

For the ez2mix Portable Dispensing System

Extra strength degreaser for cleaning tough soils from floors, equipment, walls and appliances. Universal degreasing and cleaning applications. Alkaline power attacks, loosens, lifts and floats away heavy grease, oil and soil including baked-on, carbonized deposits. Free rinsing. Surfaces are left film free after being cleaned. Use in mop buckets, automatic scrubbers and pressure washers, soak tanks and trigger sprayers. Closed loop packaging for use in the ez2mix portable dilution control system.


  • Easy to use, dilutes for greater economy
  • Use one product for a variety of cleaning jobs
  • Wetting agents and conditioners leave surfaces thoroughly clean
  • Inhibitors prevent flash rusting on cleaned metal surfaces

ez2mix Benefits

  • Increase employee safety
  • Reduce spills and inaccurate dilutions
  • Ensure consistent product performance
  • Fill RTU spray bottles, buckets and auto scrubbers accurately
  • Portable Hand-Held Dispensing System compatible with all ez2mix products



Pack Size Reorder #
2 x 1 round gallon EZ245-G2PDU



Color: Clear Blue

Odor: Mild Solvent

pH: 13.5 (Concentrate)


  1. Remove cap from bottle to expose SafTflo™ bottle insert.
  2. Place Portable Dispensing Unit onto neck of the bottle.
  3. Turn the Portable Dispensing Unit collar to tighten.
  4. Attach your water source to the back of the Portable Dispensing Unit.
  5. Turn water on.
  6. Depress lever down to begin filling.
  7. Release lever when filled to desired level.
  8. When finished filling, turn off water. Disconnect the Portable Dispensing Unit from the water source.

For proper safety and health, always dilute and use cleaning products according to directions.