ez2mix Wire Rack -1 Gallon

This wire rack is for use with the ez2mix dilution control chemical management system. Mounts to wall and holds 1 bottle of ez2mix concentrate.

Use with the following ex2mix products…

EZ203-G2PDU ez2mix Concentrated Non-Solvent Cleaner Degreaser

EZ204-G2PDU ez2mix Concentrated All Purpose Cleaner

EZ205-G2PDU ez2mix GO2 Oxygenated Multi-Purpose Cleaner

EZ208-G2PDU ez2mix Bathroom & Bowl Cleaner/Descaler

EZ244-G2PDU ez2mix Neutral Cleaner

EZ245-G2PDU ez2mix Floor Scrub

EZ246-G2PDU ez2mix Biological Floor Cleaner

EZ256-G2PDU ez2mix Concentrated V.O.C. Free Glass Cleaner

EZ257-G2PDU ez2mix Cleaner – Degreaser

EZ261-G2PDU N601+


EZ278-G2PDU Nyco Uno