Marble & Stone Floor Restore

Designed for use on interior marble, stone, granite, terrazzo and other hard surface floors. Seals, polishes and protects in a single step. Restores the natural beauty of marble, granite and stones that have become dull and worn. Protects surfaces from staining. Floors and surfaces are easier to clean. Marble & Stone Floor Restore meets or exceeds ASTM D-2047 for slip resistance greater than 0.5 coefficient of friction.


  • Restores shine and natural beauty to stone floors
  • Easy to use and apply
  • Slip resistant
  • Does not contain solvent odors
Pack Size Reorder #
6 x 1 F-style quart NL90427-903206



Appearance: White Emulsion

Scent: Acrylic

pH: 8.0 – 9.0


  1. Clean floors with Nyco Floor & All Surface Cleaner to remove all dirt and soil.
  2. If previous floor coatings are excessively scratched or marked, remove using Nyco Low Odor Wax Remover.
  3. Apply 2-3 even coats using a clean high quality mop or wax applicator. Maynot adhere to highly polished surfaces.
  4. Allow 30-45 minutes to thoroughly dry between coats, longer in areas of high humidity. Apply additional coats as needed for desired level of appearance and protection.
  5. Do not walk on floor for approximately 1 hour.
  6. Let dry for several hours before replacing furniture.