Wood Floor Cleaner

Safe on Finished Wood

Non-alkaline cleaner, specifically designed for use on sealed wood floors. Safely removes dirt and soil from sealed wood floors, restoring their natural beauty and shine. Free rinsing formula leaves no sticky residue. Does not contain harmful ingredients that dull the finish or damage the wood. Excellent results in both hard and soft water. Use with mop, sponge or cloth. Highly concentrated and economical.


  • Safe on sealed floors, will not dull wood
  • Free rinsing with no sticky residue
  • Concentrated formulation
Pack Size Reorder #
6 x 1 F-style quart NL90472-903206



Color: Clear Amber

Scent: Spicy Citrus

pH: 6.5-8.0



Do not use on unsealed floors or floors with waxy coatings. Do not overwet floors. op, sponge or cloth should be damp by never wet.

Recommended dilution ratios of cleaner to water are as follows:

Light soils: Dilute 2 oz. of cleaner per gallon of warm water.

Heavy Soils: Dilute 4 oz. of warm water per gallon of warm water.