Chlorinated Automatic Dishwash

Heavy duty chlorinated detergent for use in automatic dishwashing systems. Loosens and emulsifies soils from dishes, glassware, plastic, and utensils. Stable chlorine removes stains from coffee/tea, juice, and protein. Low foam – works in all water temperatures and conditions. Ideal for use in conveyor, flight type, single rack, and undercounter dishmachines.


  • Chlorinated – eliminates stains
  • Highly alkaline – loosens, lifts, and removes greases/oils
  • Low foam
  • Works in all water conditions
Pack Size Reorder #
4 x 1 round gallon NL305-G4
5 gallon pail NL305-P5
30 gallon drum* NL305-D30
55 gallon drum* NL305-D55






*Indicates non-stocked item. Check with Nyco for ship times.



Color: Clear

Scent: Mild Chlorine

pH: > 13.0


Read the entire label and SDS for proper use, handling and storage before using this product.

CAUTION: Contains Potassium Hydroxide and chlorine. Do not use on aluminum, pewter or other soft metals.

Best results are obtained using automatic feed systems. Consult your chemical specialist for proper dilution using titration test kit and pH measurement based on water conditions and soil load.