MARVALOSA Cleaners and Room Fresheners

MARVALOSA brand cleaners are trusted by thousands of professionals who want both cleaning power and deodorizing ability in one easy step. The refreshing scents of MARVALOSA always leave rooms smelling fresh and clean.

MARVALOSA Multi-Purpose Cleaners

EPA Safer Choice-certified concentrated cleaners are safer for human health and the environment. Available in original Fresh Lavender and new Tropical Breeze scents, they clean floors, rooms and all water-safe hard surfaces. Refreshing fragrances leave rooms smelling fresh and clean while remarkable cleaning power keeps customers returning again and again.

MARVALOSA Multi-Surface & Glass Cleaner RTU

Ready-to-use MARVALOSA Multi-Surface & Glass Cleaner spray is a superb, streak-free glass and hard surface cleaner that cleans, deodorizes, and leaves rooms smelling fresh for hours. This lavender cleaner comes in a convenient trigger spray bottle for easy spray and wipe cleaning. VOC free and pH neutral makes this item safer for people and surfaces.

MARVALOSA Odor Control Urinal Screens

Professional odor control for clean-smelling public restrooms. Flexible to fit any urinal contour, these urinal screens prevents plugging and clogging with 30-45 days of odor control. Available in Lavender or Tropical Breeze scents.

MARVALOSA 7 oz. Metered Air Freshener & Dispenser

Control odors in the air with automated bursts of fresh lavender fragrance. MARVALOSA Metered Air Freshener aerosol can is effective in room sizes up to 6,000 cu/ft.

ez2mix 14 and e.mix 14 MARVALOSA Multi-Purpose Cleaners

Simple, safe, reliable. 14 MARVALOSA Fresh Lavender is available in two chemical management systems – ez2mix and e.mix closed-loop systems. Clean and deodorize a variety of surfaces such as floors, walls, and woodwork in a single step. Highly concentrated for excellent use cost. Ideal to use in kitchens, schools, hotel rooms, lobbies, entrances, and other public areas. These cleaners are EPA Safer Choice-certified. Use with either wall mounted or mobile dispensers.

ez2mix 01 MARVALOSA Multi-Surface & Glass Cleaner

Professional cleaning results with pH neutral safety on counters, appliances, glass, mirrors, Plexiglas®, vinyl, acrylic and other water-safe surfaces. Original Fresh Lavender fragrance!

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