Marvalosa Multi-Surface Glass Cleaner - Streak-free cleaning - lavender scent



Multi-Surface & Glass Cleaner

Superb, streak-free glass and hard surface cleaner that cleans, deodorizes, and leaves rooms smelling fresh for hours. The signature MARVALOSA fresh lavender fragrance leaves no chemical smell or residue behind. Convenient spray & wipe RTU formula is convenient for kitchens, offices, restrooms and other ares that need a quick cleanup. MARVALOSA Multi-Surface & Glass Cleaner delivers professional cleaning results on counters, appliances, glass, mirrors, Plexiglass®, vinyl, acrylic and other water-safe hard surfaces. The neutral pH of MARVALOSA Multi-Surface & Glass Cleaner makes it safer for users, safer on surfaces, and safer for the environment.


  • Streak free!
  • Fresh lavender scent
  • Cleans tough spills and soils
  • Easy spray & wipe cleaning
  • Safer for people, surfaces and the environment

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9 x 1 trigger sprayer quarts NL906-QPS9




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Color: Purple

Scent: Lavender

pH: 6.0-8.0


Read the entire label and SDS before using product. 

Spray, wait briefly and wipe surface clean and dry.