Plumbing & Heating / HVAC-R

Cleaning and Descaling for Industrial Plumbing and Heating Applications

Rust, hard water and mineral scale build-up can damage and affect the operational efficiency of sensitive plumbing, cooling and heating equipment. Clean, rust and scale free units provide continuous operation with less down time.

Nyco manufactures cleaners, descalers, degreasers, coil cleaners, germicides and bio-enzymatic products for the HVAC and plumbing markets. Nyco has products for industrial contractors, food equipment & refrigeration repair personnel, HVAC installers, routine maintenance and repair of cooling towers, heat exchangers and other applications in the MRO market. Environmentally preferable formulations are also available, compliant with state CARB, VOC and phosphate regulations.

  • Coil and fin cleaners
  • Descalers
  • Drain maintenance
  • Bioenzymatic
  • Cleaners for coolers, chillers, and ice machines
  • Germicidal cleaners/sanitizers