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Drain Maintenance

Go with the Flow: Drain Maintenance 101

All drains will run slow and may even become clogged over time. The same principal applies to drains as to automobiles and other equipment: regular maintenance is usually less costly than bigger expenses caused by clogs, sewer backups, unsanitary conditions, and time lost from slow running pipes and drain lines.

Drain lines in restaurants and food service establishments are especially vulnerable to clogs and foul odors considering the grease, food and other organic matter that regularly goes into the drains. In hotels and motels, hair and soap scum can be particularly challenging.

Whatever the nature of your industry or business, the key to free flowing pipes is a regular drain maintenance program using professional products like Bactizyme Bioenzymatic Drain Cleaner/Maintainer and Drain Solve® drain opener/cleaner.

Bioenzymatic Bactizyme breaks down organic materials like grease, soap, fats and food waste, making it an excellent maintainer for food service, food processing, hospitality and education applications. It is acid free, safely reducing or eliminating nuisance odors. Bactizyme can be dispensed manually or at regular intervals as part of a maintenance program with convenient automatic equipment.

For drains that are already clogged or even slow running, bring in the concentrated big guns of NSF Certified Drain Solve®. Safe and nonfuming, Drain Solve® removes obstructions in drain lines, cutting through the backed up water and going directly to the source of the problem. Drain Solve® is also an excellent regular drain maintainer to keep pipes free flowing and avoid costly business catastrophes.

Keep drains free and flowing with Nyco drain maintenance solutions. Contact us for assistance in setting up a drain maintenance program for your customers or your own business.


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