ez2mix® Dilution Control

Safety, Precision, and Productivity in one Dispensing System


From floors to foodservice applications, Nyco ez2mix® concentrated chemicals offer users the ability to clean and disinfect every area of your facility.

Designed with 3 key user benefits of safety, precision and productivity, the ez2mix® Dilution Control System offers users a safe and easy way to fill mop buckets, RTU bottles and auto scrubbers with absolutely no chemical contact and precise dilution accuracy that lets facility managers better control budgets.

SAFETY – Secure, built-in metering tips and a closed-loop system eliminate spills and user contact when mixing chemicals.
PRECISION – State-of-the-art dispensers ensure accurate dilution for precise chemical usage. Use no more and no less than what is needed.
PRODUCTIVITY – Concentrated, high performance chemicals reduce use-cost and maximize value.

ez2mix Dilution Control Dispensing System Bottle Benefits

No Waste. No Worries.

  • Color-coded and number-coded bottles make chemicals easy to use for workers.
  • Predictable chemical costs let facility managers control budgets.
  • Concentrated chemical formulations promote sustainability through reduced packaging in landfills, reduced chemical waste, and reduced transportation fuel consumption costs.

ez2mix Wall Mount Dispenser

  • Accommodates up to four ez2mix chemicals
  • Small dispenser profile is an ideal solution when wall space is at a premium
  • Designed to dilute three products for quart fill and one product for mop buckets/auto scrubbers
  • Cabinet Dispenser, mobile hand dispenser, and foaming dispenser are also available with minimums

Support Tools

System Brochure Secondary Labels
English Wall Chart Literature Sheets
Spanish Wall Chart Installation Instructions


4-Bottle Wire Rack
DSP-03135_Universal-Wire-Rack for ez2mix Dilution Control System
2-Bottle Wire Rack
6' water hose
6′ Water Hose