EZ013-480 Power Floor Scrub Degreaser


ez2mix Power Floor Scrub Degreaser

For the ez2mix Dilution Control System

Use Power Floor Scrub Degreaser with the ez2mix® Dilution Control System for productive facility cleaning. It is a powerful, fast-acting degreaser for tough industrial cleaning jobs, especially floor cleaning and degreasing. With a water-based blend of buffered alkali, cleaning solvents, and detergents, Power Floor Scrub Degreaser cuts through grease, oil, tar, rubber marks and other heavy soils. It can be used in foodservice applications, industrial cleaning, automatic scrubbers, and other areas where low foam degreasing is best.


  • Excellent for use in automatic floor scrubbers
  • Powerful cleaning and degreasing
  • Cuts through heavy buildups
  • Removes grease, oil, tar, and rubber marks

ez2mix® Benefits

  • Safety – Secure built-in metering tips and a closed-loop system eliminate spills and user contact when mixing chemicals
  • Precision – Accurate dilution ensures precise chemical usage and ensures consistent product performance
  • Productivity – Concentrated, high performance chemicals reduce use cost and maximize value
  • Color-coded and number-coded bottles make chemicals easy to use for workers
  • Predictable chemical costs let facility managers control budgets better

Pack Size Reorder #
4 x 80 oz. F-style bottle EZ013-480



For Use with ez2mix Dispensers

  1. Remove cap from concentrate.
  2. Attach dispensing adapter to bottle and tighten.
  3. Product is now ready to dispense.

For proper safety and health, always dilute and use cleaning products according to directions.