ez2mix Hand Held Sprayer

For the ez2mix Dilution Control System

Use the ez2mix® Hand Held Sprayer Dispenser with the Nyco ez2mix® Dilution Control system.


  • Budget friendly, portable dilution devise offers flexibility and convenience
  • Ergonomic design distributes bottle weight evenly for a lighter feel
  • Accommodates one 80 oz. ez2mix® bottle at a high flow rate
  • ez2mix® Foamer also available

ez2mix® Benefits

  • Safety – Secure built-in metering tips and a closed-loop system eliminate spills and user contact when mixing chemicals
  • Precision – Accurate dilution ensures precise chemical usage and ensures consistent product performance
  • Productivity – Concentrated, high performance chemicals reduce use cost and maximize value
  • Color-coded and number-coded bottles make chemicals easy to use for workers
  • Predictable chemical costs let facility managers control budgets better