deep fat fryer cleaner


Deep Fat Fryer Cleaner

Portion Control Packets

Deep Fat Fryer Cleaner is a highly alkaline cleaner designed for fast, effective removal of fats, oils, and carbonized soils from deep fat fryers in restaurants and other commercial kitchens. Free-flowing and fast-acting powder in portion control packet packaging. Mixes and disperses evenly in all water conditions. High performance cleaning solution that loosens and removes caked-on buildups. Soils are emulsified and kept in suspension for easy removal and rinsing from inside surfaces, baskets, grates, valves, and other surfaces.

Deep Fat Fryer Cleaner Features

  • Easy to use packets
  • Quickly loosens and removes heavy baked-on soils
  • Free-flowing powder
  • Low foam
  • Nonfuming
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Pack Size Reorder #
18 x 8 oz. packet/tub NL438-818



Color: White

Scent: Mild

pH: (1.0% Solution) 11.5 – 12.5


Read the entire label and SDS for proper use, handling and storage before using this product.

  1. Remove or cover all food from area.
  2. Drain deep fat fryer of oil.
  3. Fill fryer with water and 1 packet per 2-3 gallons of water.
  4. Turn on heater and heat water to simmer. Maintain this heat for 20-30 minutes or until the soil buildups are loosened.
  5. Drain fryer and brush/scrape sides with brush or synthetic pad.
  6. Rinse fryer with clean water and wipe clean.
  7. Allow to dry completely before refilling with oil.