e.logical Restore

Calcium and Lime Remover

Concentrated multi-purpose acidic descaler. Safely and effectively removes calcium, lime and other hard water deposits. Use in food service, housekeeping and industrial applications. Strips hard water deposits from a variety of surfaces. No harsh fumes.

Pack Size Reorder #
6 x 1 round quart* CB290-Q6W2




*Includes 2 sprayers/case.



Color: Clear Colorless

Scent: Fresh & Clean

pH: 2.1 – 2.4


This product can be used in a wide variety of applications. Depending on the specific application and the degree of scale build-up, the concentration and directions for use may differ. Refer to the product label or consult your chemical representative for specific use directions.

CAUTION: Do not use this product on marble, stone, terrazzo, painted surfaces, polished or anodized aluminum, colored grout or counter tops. Do not mix with chlorine or ammonia or products containing chlorine or ammonia.

For proper safety and health, always dilute and use cleaning products according to directions.