DSP-FS48_Hand Sanitizer Stand
DSP-FS48_Hand Sanitizer Stand


Hand Sanitizer Dispenser Stand

Cartridge Stand for Sanitizer

Provide easy access to hand sanitizer for customers or employees, with this freestanding metal stand that holds touch-free hand soap and hand sanitizer dispensers. Strong and sturdy, it promotes good hygiene and sanitation practices. Metallic gray stand is easy to assemble and will fit almost anywhere in your facility. Place it at the entrance, at the service counter, in the bathroom or at work stations. Dispensers (not included) are easy to affix with double-sided tape. Thy work great for high-traffic areas in offices, schools, clinics, industry, health care, health clubs/fitness centers, preschools and restaurants.


  • Convenient way to provide access to hand sanitizer
  • Sturdy metal stand is easy to assemble
  • Place anywhere hand sanitizer is needed


Color: Metallic Gray