ZING® Professional Black Streak Remover

Effective December 18, 2023, ZING® Professional Black Streak Remover has been discontinued. Please contact our customer service department for additional information.

Pack Size
9 x 1 pistol grip quart Z495-QPS9



Color: Clear

Scent: Orange

pH: 3.0 – 3.5


Read entire label and directions before use.

  1. Turn Nozzle to “Spray” or “Stream”
  2. Spray on area to be cleaned. Let stand a couple of minutes to penetrate the soil.
  3. Wipe with cloth or soft brush.
  4. If black streaks are heavy or older, reapply and use a scrub brush or soft synthetic. Wipe surface clean with a damp rag, towel or sponge.