8 Great Floor Care Resources

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8 Great Floor Care Resources Compiled

Nyco’s expertise in floor care is well known. If you haven’t yet taken advantage of our productivity-improvement resources, there’s no time like now. We’ve compiled what we think are “eight great” floor care resources for distributors and facility maintenance directors, to help move your program in the right direction… ahead.

  1. Planning your Summer Floor Program: A Tactical Punchlist. Tactical and practical. This timely article shows you how to survey, workload, scope and calculate the supplies and labor you will need for various floor care tasks.
  2. How to Choose the Right Floor Finish for a Champion Caliber Program. How do you build a champion caliber floor program that performs consistently? One key lies in choosing the right finish. Learn how to “Finish Strong” in this article that simplifies an often-complicated process.
  3. Top 10 Mistakes in Floor Finishing. This article takes a humorous look at some of the funny and not-so-funny bloopers that even pros have made when finishing floors.
  4. Facility Floor Safety: Why it’s Good for Business. Take a look at some of the business numbers that make a convincing case for why a solid, safe floor program is business-critical.
  5. New Nyco Floor Finish Formulations. Higher gloss, easier application, greater mark and scuff resistance. That is what you will get with Nyco’s new floor finish formulations. Learn a little bit more about our newest 6 formulations.
  6. Comprehensive Floor Care Guide for Commercial Cleaning and Facility Supply (PDF). This booklet features advice on equipment and supply selection, stripping, finishing and maintenance procedures, preventative maintenance tips, and floor care advice. It’s a must-have manual to keep on-hand.
  7. Floor Finish Troubleshooting – A “Problem/Solution” approach for almost any issue that might arise when finishing a floor.
  8. Floor Care 1 and Floor Care 2 Training Programs – Practical, on-site employee training from a Nyco floor care specialist. Call Nyco at 800-752-4754 to schedule.

BONUS: Check out our complete Marketing Resources page under the Floor Care heading for additional materials and resources.

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