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Air Conditioning Coil Cleaner Offers Serious Summer Savings

Few products sell as easy as those that help end users save money. Air Conditioning Coil Cleaner does just that in hot weather when air conditioners are running often.When AC units are kept clean they run more efficiently. Powerful Coil Cleaner removes soils, dirt and oxidation film from fins and coils of AC units, humidifiers, condensers and heat exchange equipment, improving overall performance of cooling systems while reducing power consumption and summer electricity bills. Air Conditioning Coil Cleaner has the potential to offer serious summer energy savings as well as long-term cost reduction:

  • Lower Energy Bills — When coils and fins are clean, air circulates easier and AC systems operate more efficiently.
  • Save on Maintenance & Repairs — Units should be cleaned at least twice per year. When they are cleaned regularly they need fewer repairs.
  • Defer Unit Replacement Cost — When units don’t have to work as hard they last longer, deferring new unit replacement expenses and saving money in the long run.

Coil Cleaner can be used with any size air conditioner unit. Contact Us or email to order today.


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