Private Branding

Build a Better Brand, Build a Better Business

The benefits to your business of offering a private chemical brand can be attractive and compelling … assuming you do it right.

While it’s easy to put a label on a bottle and call it a brand, it’s not so easy to grow that brand. What differentiates your 4×1 round gallon cleaner from your competitor’s 4×1 round cleaner? What is your private brand strategy? And how does your strategy support your long- and short-term business goals? These are just a few of the questions Nyco seeks to answer for every private chemical brand customer we work with. Our initial brand and business analyses serve to lay the foundation for a successful and sustainable brand.

Nyco understands what it takes to launch and grow a private brand because we’ve been helping customers do it successfully for a very long time. In fact, we’ve been Building Better BrandsTM for distributors in the janitorial, sanitation, facilities maintenance, and food service markets for over 90 years.

Consider the business benefits of our Building Better BrandsTM program:


  • Differentiation and exclusivity that cannot be offered by national brands
  • Greater customer loyalty and retention
  • Ownership of your own brand
  • Equity building potential in your business
  • Business growth!

The last point is significant in that it literally is the Nyco brand promise: We build better brands to help your business grow. 

The Nyco private brand difference is that we don’t just want to sell you product. We’re committed to helping you grow your private chemical brand after it is created and built. It’s a win-win … build a better brand, and you will build a better business.

What does Nyco do different?

Most manufacturers who offer private labeling start with The Bid. Nyco approaches it from another angle – The Brand. While product cost savings are an important part of any program, we put more emphasis on building a private brand that is differentiated enough to command a consistently higher price and margin, setting you up for long-term success.

Chart_Building-Better-Brands-Program_FINAL_cropped_lowresOur process begins with an analysis of your business and where a private brand meets or enhances your overall growth, volume, and financial goals. Our sales, customer service, and branding teams work with your team to understand your unique competitive differences and how we can give your brand an edge in your market. We build your private chemical brand from the product mix to the bottle and case packaging, the brand identity, label design, brand messaging, branded literature, training and educational materials, and sales support. As your private brand partner, we continue to help you market, sell and grow.

The Nyco difference is that we provide a success strategy before building your private brand, and then we provide ongoing brand marketing support for growth afterward.


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