Simple Science: Carpet Cleaning Vocabulary

Carpet Cleaning, Simple Science, Vocabulary

Simple Science: Carpet Cleaning Vocabulary

Blot – Press down and soak up into a cloth.

Bonnet Cleaning – A low moisture cleaning method which cleans only the face fibers of carpeting. It is performed with a bonnet machine.

Extract – To pull or draw out a soil or liquid from carpeting with suction. Usually done with a machine.

Organic Soil – Originating from any living organism. Includes blood, food, grease.

Resoil – New stains that appear where old stains were cleaned, due to sticky residual cleaning chemicals attracting new soil to the same spot.

Tannin – An organic, acidic substance that comes from certain plants and is found in drinks like red wine, coffee, tea and some juices.

Wick – To draw up liquid (and soil with it) to the surface of carpeting.

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