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New Ideas to Sell Trax-Buster in the Spring!

Trax Buster Ice Melt Dissolver

Trax Buster Ice Melt Dissolver

Spring may be in the air but the effects of winter still linger on the ground and on other surfaces. Chase away the salty winter blues when you sell Nyco’s Trax-Buster Ice Melt Film Dissolver for spring cleanup routines, both indoors and outdoors.

Salty ice melt compounds can leave hazy residue on everything from carpets to sidewalks. Trax-Buster neutralizes the harmful and unsightly white haze caused by these compounds while protecting and extending the life of virtually any surface including carpets, wood floors, concrete, paint, plastics, glass and metal.

Here are some sales opportunities and ideas for applications you might not typically think of for spring cleaning with Trax-Buster:

  • Pressure wash sidewalks and decks to eliminate salt residue
  • Spray on utility vehicles to neutralize the corrosive impact of salt on snow plows, hydraulics, salt beds and salt spreaders
  • Use on fleet vehicles, buses or trucks that have braved the winter roads
  • Spray on garage and warehouse floors
  • Remove sticky residue from indoor carpets with a carpet extraction machine

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Don’t delay. Spring into action today, and stock up on Trax-Buster for spring cleanup and sales:


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