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Overcome Winter Floor Challenges with Trax-Buster

Floor maintenance is the single most expensive and time-consuming part of a building program, and winter is the most costly season. One of the biggest reasons for this is ice melting compounds that are often spread on driveways, walkways and roads to speed the melting of slippery ice. While ice melting compounds certainly help keep people safer, they also take a toll on indoor floors and carpets in winter, causing serious strain on building budgets.

Look at any floor in a store, school, restaurant or shop during or after a snow or ice storm. What you’ll see is a white “haze” on the floor. This white haze is the highly alkaline and harsh residue from ice melt. It damages a floor’s finish!

White haze not only detracts from the beauty of a floor, it decreases gloss and increases the overall cost of floor maintenance. This salty residue often ends up being tracked throughout a store, school or office building causing damage to all floors, including carpets.

Simply mopping a floor with water or a neutral cleaner will not remove salt haze and residue. It will only dilute and spread the harmful solution over a wider area, causing even more damage and increased costs. What’s needed is a neutralizing compound to eliminate the haze.


Trax-Buster is specifically formulated to neutralize alkaline ice melt and remove harmful chemicals from floors and even carpets. It protects and extends the life of any floor finish and restores its shine, gloss, and beauty. Trax-Buster is a true ice melt neutralizer and not a neutral cleaner. Trax-Buster can also increase intervals between strip-outs – saving time, labor, and money. It works wonderfully on…

  • Vinyl and resilient tile floors
  • Hard wood floors
  • Carpeting
  • Terrazzo and concrete floors

Help reduce building-budget-strain with Trax-Buster Ice Melt Neutralizer this winter. Contact us or email customerservice@nycoproducts.com for additional information today.


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