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Slay the Sugar Snake: Keep Your Soda Machines Flowing Smoothly

Sugar snakes, also known as caramel snakes or syrup snakes, refer to the hardened, often snake-like formations that can occur in soda fountains, soft drink machines or juice dispensers, particularly within the syrup delivery lines or storage areas. These formations are a result of sugar in the soda syrup crystallizing over time due to improper maintenance, temperature fluctuations, or contamination.


  1. Improper or irregular cleaning and maintenance.Sugar Snake in Drain
  2. Temperature fluctuations – can cause syrup to separate and sugar to crystallize, forming solid structures.
  3. Contamination – introduction of foreign substances can catalyze the crystallization.
  4. Standing syrup – Syrup that remains in the lines or tanks for extended periods can begin to crystallize, especially if the soda machine is not used regularly.


  1. Clogged lines
  2. Poor beverage quality – blockages can lead to inconsistent mixing of syrup and carbonated water.
  3. Increased maintenance costs
  4. Machine downtime


Proper maintenance and regular cleaning are essential to prevent the formation of sugar snakes in soda machines. By understanding the causes and implementing preventive measures you can ensure your machines function efficiently, provide high-quality beverages, and that downtime is minimized.

  1. Regular Cleaning – Use a cleaner like Bactizyme Bioenzymatic Drain Cleaner.


    It keeps drains flowing freely while the enzymes break down organic matter like sugar.
  2. Proper Storage – Store soda syrup at recommended temperatures to prevent crystallization.
  3. Routine Inspections – Regularly inspect syrup lines and storage areas for early signs of crystallization and address immediately.


  1. Warm Water Flush – Running warm water through the syrup lines can help dissolve sugar snakes.
  2. Manual Removal – In severe cases, manual disassembly and cleaning of affected parts may be necessary.
  3. Chemical Cleaners – Use of food-safe cleaning agents designed to dissolve sugar residues can be effective.


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