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Survey Results: Traditional Marketing Most Valued by Distributors

With 618 million daily active users of Facebook in the United States, a staggering 400 million tweets sent out on Twitter each day, and a hefty 81% of B2B businesses using LinkedIn for marketing, cleaning industry distributors and professionals still remain solidly in favor of “traditional” media and marketing tools over these types of social media channels.

Nyco recently polled our customers on their social media and marketing preferences in an effort to be as relevant as possible to our markets. The results showed a large gap between the value placed on more traditional forms of media versus relatively recent social media. For example, while 92% of our survey respondents said printed trade publications were valuable or extremely valuable, only 21% of them thought the same of Twitter streams of companies.

Shown below is a Nyco infographic with highlights from the results of our cleaning industry distributor survey. The most used social media channel among our market was Facebook with 32% of distributors using it 2x per week or more in their profession, while the least used was SlideShare at just 3%.

Not surprisingly, age made a big difference. 80% of our 20-30 year old age group used Twitter regularly as compared to just 5% of those 31 years of age or older.

Of special note, we were very pleased to find that the marketing we are doing is right on target and perceived as valuable and useful to our customers. When asked about the value or usefulness of specific Nyco marketing tools, almost all customers thought all of these tools were valuable:

  • 99% – Nyco website
  • 99% – Nyco product catalog
  • 98% – Nyco e-newsletter
  • 98% – Nyco training resources
  • 97% – Product-specific literature sheets
  • 93% – Educational and product videos

Nyco has stepped up our social presence in the last year to stay relevant and serve customers who prefer getting product updates, information and real-time news on these online channels. Cleaning professionals can like or follow us on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and YouTube.  We’ve also made public the complete results of our Social Media and Marketing Survey for anyone to view.


Nyco Social Media & Marketing Infographic



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