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Take it Outside: A Spring Cleaning Checklist for Facility Exteriors

While longer days and warmer temperatures may inspire you to deep clean spaces inside your facility, they can also reveal areas that winter has been less than kind to outside your building. Spring weather offers the perfect opportunity to give attention to items that have been idle or ignored during the colder months. Not only will the appearance of your exterior be improved, an annual clean and maintenance of areas and items will ensure they work better and last longer, saving your organization time and money in the long run. Read the list below and add forgotten items to your to-do list this spring.

✔ Condition Air Conditioners

Prepare for rising temperatures by servicing all AC units now. Units that have been in the elements and sitting idle for months may be especially dirty, and the accumulated buildup could impact performance, costing you money through increased energy usage. Coil Cleaner removes grime and oxidation film to keep units running smoothly and efficiently, and can help extend the lifespan of your equipment. For tips on cleaning AC units, watch this short video >>

✔ Don’t Be Salty

It’s no secret that road salt and snow melt can cause corrosion and damage to the finish of vehicles. Make sure to give your utility vehicles and attachments – snowplows, salt spreaders, dump truck beds – a thorough cleaning before retiring them for the summer. Fleet vehicles, including buses and trucks, will also benefit from residual salt removal. Trax-Buster neutralizes ice melt and salt, protecting and extending the finish of vehicles and equipment. 

✔ Hit the Mats

Clean entrance mats will catch 80% of soil and moisture from foot traffic, preventing it from being tracked in and ruining your floor finish. Spring is an excellent time to deep clean mats that have taken a winter beating. Mats with dry dirt should be vacuumed slowly on top, then flipped over and vacuumed again to catch any loose soil. If your mat has crusty salt stains, soak it in hot water with a neutralizer solution like Trax-Buster, then extract water using a brush and vac system. Dry thoroughly before reinstalling. Trax-Buster can also be used to clean and neutralize ice melt in automatic scrubbers after they are used to clean carpets.

✔ Create Welcoming Walkways

Sidewalks and paths are one of the first things visitors notice at your facility. Clean walkways not only make a good impression, they reduce the potential for slips and falls. Blaze 8 is a powerful cleaner degreaser that can be used with a pressure washer on surfaces like concrete, removing damaging salt residue left from winter snow removal. It also cuts through heavy buildups of grease, oil and tar on garage and warehouse floors.

✔ Don’t Overlook Overhangs

Roof extensions like awnings and overhangs often bear the brunt of abuse from the elements and provide the perfect landing for debris, including bird droppings. Clean or pressure wash with a multi-purpose cleaner-degreaser like Green Kleen, a water based formula that can eliminate dirt and grime from almost any surface.

✔ Let the Sunshine In

Clean, streak-free windows contribute to an overall positive impression of your facility, and the added brightness gives a psychological boost to staff and visitors. Clearly the Best! glass cleaner is the professional choice for cleaning interior and exterior windows and glass.

✔ From Trashy to Classy

Spring is an ideal time to disinfect trash receptacles and the areas around them, before warmer weather creates a damp and smelly insect breeding ground. Create a cleaner and healthier environment by disinfecting empty bins, containers, and the ground around them with a pressure wash solution of Nyco Uno. This EPA registered product deodorizes and disinfects in a single step.

A few proactive measures this spring will keep areas and equipment at your facility in top shape year round while saving you time and money. Having the right products in place will help you perform tasks quickly so you can get out and enjoy the spring weather!


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